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Nothing is more satisfying than having visual proof of your insane reading/writing/blogging habits. Hell, you can find half a dozen of these suckers here on Otherwhere.co (I’m competitive… just a little). Using a WordPress plug-in and a bit of CSS, for style, you too can track your progress like a rockstar!

Part 1: Download the Plugin

After much research (and being too lazy to code it myself), the ProgPress plugin by Jason Penney, is the easiest and most flexible to use.

• Download the ProgPress Plugin Here

• Follow the installation instructions and activate the plugin

• Take a look at the instructions, and familiarize yourself with how it works

Part 2: Add Your Own Style
Open up the style.css file for your theme and add the following classes. This can be found under http://www.yoursite.com/wp-content/themes/yourtheme/style.css

Part 3: What About Some Images!
Okay, okay, with some additional CSS you can easily add images to the left, top (or wherever) of your progress bars. Depending on the size of your sidebar and you may need to adjust the width of the bar.

Here is a little CSS to help you get started with your images.

Part 4: Putting it in Place
Now let’s put this somewhere peeps can actually see it. Popping into Appearance > Widgets, throw a Text Widget where you want your progress bars to appear on your sidebar. Fun times.

Here is the easy part. If you read the installation instructions for ProgPress, you know exactly what you need to put here to make your progress bar appear. That takes care of that.

To add your images put in this sucker and viola! Well, almost. Depending on where you are positioning your image, it may need to go before or after the ProgPress shortcode.

Part 5: Be a Rock Star!
Now you too can be annoyingly competitive! Questions, comments, find a better progress bar or have any tricks? Leave me a comment!

Jason Penney – ProgPress: A progress meter plugin for WordPress

WordPress > ProgPress Plugin Download

I am always looking for new topics for Blog Dev. If there is something you wish someone would do a tutorial on fill out the form in the sidebar and I may be able to help!

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