Books, movies, reviewage and other mixy things

Rating System

Let me keep this straight forward. There are five stars, the more the better.

For those who need a breakdown here ya go!!!

Books: Legendary! I will absolutely read this again (or already have multiple times). I have recommended it to everybody and it totally rocked my brains out!

Movies: Love, love, LOVED it, will absolutely be purchasing it and everybody should be seeing it.

Books: Awesome! A great read that kept me thoroughly engrossed and/or a literary gem. Would recommend it but not guaranteed to re-read.

Movies: Great movie, totally entertaining and will be probably rent it again. A recommender for sure.

Books: Entertaining… but… ┬átypically lacking that extra little sparkle, or slightly too formulaic. Would probably not recommend.

Movies: Popcorn entertainment at best and a renter, don’t spend your money at the theater.

Books: Meh. Couldn’t get into, nobody to connect with, utterly lacking and/or booooooooooring. Would not recommend.

Movies: Disappointing with major story/editing/character problems. A nothing-is-out-there-better-to-rent-on-a-weeknight at best.

Books: The bacteria that feeds the ooze that sticks to puss. Where’s a vampire apocalypse when you need one?

Movies: I want those two hours of my life back… and I need to watch some Buffy to cleanse my mind palette.

Zero stars: Books: I didn’t finish, no matter how much I tried.

Movies: I will be forever scarred by how bad it was.