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Slay the Read: 2012 Paranormal Reading Challenge

Slay the Read 2012 Reading Challenge

Goodreads Challenge Group

Otherwhere.co is heading into 2012 with bite. As this year we will be hosting Slay the Read: 2012 Paranormal Reading Challenge. This is a huge genre with tons of great possibilities. Hopefully it will help expand your paranormal preferences as well!
Every month a featured linky will be added where you can post your reviews for the reading challenge.

The Point

To read and review at least 12 paranormal reads in 2012. Every month you can link up your reviews here if you wish!

The Limits

– These books can be YA, adult or anything in between.
– Have a blog or goodreads account to post your reviews.
– Sign-up below and grab the button and follow Otherwhere.co
– Enjoy!

Bonus Challenges

12 Paranormal books to read and to add a little bite, here is criteria for six of them.
NOTE:While not required completing bonus challenges will give you extra entries for prizes!
– Brains: Read at least one book about zombies.
– New Watcher: Read at least one book by a paranormal debut author.
– Dismembered: Read at least one book with a body part/fluid/etc… in the title (i.e. Bloodlines).
– Apocalyptic: Read at least one book that takes place post-apocalypse (could be zombie, could be vampire, etc…)
– Being Human-ish: Read at least one book from the paranormal’s perspective, not the humans.
– Über Paranormal Activity: Read at least one book containing at least 5 of the following (vampires, werewolves, ghosts, faeries, zombies, ghouls, angels, shape-shifters, witches, slayers/hunters, demons, gods, changelings, monsters and aliens).

The Prizes!!

There will be a grand prize for those who have completed the 12 book challenge. Each review posted and each bonus challenge completed will be an additional entry. Hopefully there will be more prizes along the way!

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