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Change the WordPress default From email address and name

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Free Pro WordPress Install with Bluehost Hosting – Get your blog started today!

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Google Analytics for Your Blog

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Armchair BEA: Tips, tricks, cheats and beats for your blog

Who am I to give advice? (I mean really Otherwhere.co is like barely 8 months old)

Other than video freelancer, I’ve been rocking the web development for the last 14 years. My first website was an homage to Sailor Moon (it was also my third website after a break into Star Wars, that third website is still around). I am completely self taught (thanks Google!) Otherwhere.Co was built from the ground up (minus WordPress) by yours truly and you can also visit my professional website www.JessicaBo.com.

Tips and Tricks – Don’t be scurd! 

  • • Code can seem to be overwhelming. Take your time, start with HTML and CSS, there are lots of great resources. Even picking up a few tricks can make a huge difference!
  • • Give yourself a break on design! You don’t need to have the blog completely finished to launch it. You can always tweak later!
  • • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are some amazing forums out there for coding and web stuff with fabulous people who would love to help you! Plug-in and theme authors are usually very helpful as well. I’ve gotten lots of help just from commenting on their sites.
  • • Google is your friend. Your best friend. The best place to learn about the internets is (shockingly) on the internets.
  • • So much is already done for you! A lot of the time whatever you’re trying to accomplish, someone has already figured it out and made a plug-in or add on or a sweet tutorial. This is where Google becomes your best friend.
  • • Find a theme and tweak it. Or, rip it completely to shreds and put it back together again. Just be sure to back up your site!

Cheats and Beats – Inspiration and a few starting points

Otherwhere.Co is also the host for Blog Dev. If you have a question about the technical aspects of blogging or are dying for someone to write a specific tutorial, let me know! I am always willing to share my knowledge. The next Blog Dev could be the answer to your question.

Are there resources you use that have been particularly helpful? Where do you find your inspiration? Until then be sure to check out the tutorials that are currently up on Blog Dev.

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Pretty Progress Bars for Your Challenges

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Jetpack and manually adding Sharedaddy links

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Creating WordPress Shortcodes for your memes

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Easiest, most non-destructo way to change your theme’s CSS

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